February Featured Artist: 

My work is inspired by the geometry of the world around me. It is abstract, but often suggests architecture, the influences of travel, and having grown up in New York City.

I use color, visual texture, and spatial ambiguity to convey a sense of balance and serenity.

The process begins with white fabric that I dye and print using a range of surface design processes.   Each work begins with the selection of a palette of colors and fabrics and then proceeds intuitively and interactively, adding or removing fabrics and shapes as the composition emerges. 

The goal is to create work that  can be enjoyed as a whole from a distance and yet allow discovery new delights upon a closer look. 

Braque-ish, 12” x 12” Photo by artist. 

City Limits, 13” x 19” Photo by Paul Seder.

A Distant Light, 21” x 38” Photo by Paul Seder.